Monday, August 03, 2009

our first day of ohva

Holy cow is all I can say LOL We are starting 2 weeks before the official first day purely because I want time to ease into lessons with the kids, and its a good thing I'm doing it this way. We've done about all I want to for today, but tonight we'll do art real fast after supper. So far today here's what we did:

Lydia's phonics
Lydia's lang. arts
Lydia's math (need to review tomorrow though before she can move on)
Melissa's phonics
Melissa's math (another reviewer for tomorrow)
Melissa's lang. arts started

Yep, we did that much today. I feel like it was a highly successful day, however it doesn't look really like we did a ton since math for both girls is review mainly (Lydia's managed to start with one of the few K concepts we didn't already teach her LOL) I was a bit surprised at how well today went, although Melissa had a total meltdown during lang. arts that indicated she needed a nap (which she went for an hour an a half in her bed, snoring away once she got over being hacked off at me for banishing her to bed lol) Yep, today was a very successful day, it was a great start to the new school year for us I think. It was dry and a bit boring for my taste, but its going to be a good year for us I think.

At least, we made the commitment to this school year with OHVA, and I have no intentions of leaving the program at all this year. Its going to be a rough transition for us all I think, I'm not used to teaching them FT like this and Melissa's not used to mom being her teacher, but I have a feeling it will go just fine this school year. And if we decide that we don't like it after all, we don't have to go back next school year. I flat out REFUSE to change what we are doing this year just because it may not be the easiest for me from the get-go and because its dry, I'm 100% certain that would damage the girls more than help them at this point so we'll be finishing this year no matter what we end up thinking of it. At least both girls absolutely loved having their worksheets to do, especially Lydia. They thought it was pretty cool, and working with the hands-on stuff to practice what we were working on certainly helped too.

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